au KDDI HWD11 [ 2 Days RENTAL ]

Max. Download Speed: 75Mbps  * Theoretical Value
Max. Upload Speed: 25Mbps  * Theoretical Value
Service Area
Service Area Map
Battery Life
5 to 6 hours
Data Plan
100GB / Month

*If the data is consumed exceeding 10GB/3 days, the data transfer speed can be slow down in the evening.

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      If monthly data usage exceeds 100GB, the data transfer can be stopped.
      There is no extra charge for exceeding the data plan.

      Data transfer speeds will recover the following calendar month.
      However, if you would like the Internet access urgently, please place an order for another device until the end of the month.

      If large amount of data is consumed exceeding 3GB / day, and it happens in a row, the data transfer speed can be slow down between 6PM and 2AM (8 hours).

      [Data Traffic Guarantee]
      Even if you start renting our products in the middle of the month,
      the routers are guaranteed to have at least 60GB of data left till the end of the month.
      You can use up your data plan with short-term rental plan such as 2 Days Rental.
LCD Screen
Wi-Fi Setup Start Guide
HWD11 Start Guide
ポイント: 65~97 Pt
Rate (Tax Incl.):
1,300 JPY
  • Insurance:
  • Additional Battery Rental:
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Please select insurance / additional battery options.


The insurance will cover repair costs in the event the rental product is damaged, including those caused by negligence.
* Insurance is valid only once during a rental period.

Liability for customers without insurance Liability for customers with insurance
Malfunctions including water damage Wi-Fi router Repair charge
(28,080 yen)
0 yen
AC adapter Repair charge
(up to 2,916 yen)
0 yen
USB cable Repair charge
(up to 1,080 yen)
0 yen
Loss Wi-Fi router 34,560 yen 10,000 yen
AC adapter 2,916 yen 490 yen
USB cable 1,080 yen 400 yen

You can sign up for the insurance when you place your order.

* If a failure occurs under normal usage, we deliver a replacement router regardless of whether the customer has insurance or not.
* The insurance can only be used once during the rental period.

Additional Battery Rental

Additional battery rental is available for 10,000mAh mobile batteries.

It lasts as long as recharging the router twice.

Our Wi-Fi router has a built-in battery and can be used for 3-4 continuous hours without an additional battery. The Wi-Fi router can be recharged for continous use.

* The additional battery weighs 250g

Rental Rate: 50 JPY / Day
750 JPY / 1 Month

Available Delivery Date and Time

Orders by 5PM are shipped the same day.
Next day delivery is possible. * Except Hokkaido, Okinawa and Kyushu.

* For airport pickup, please order in advance.
You can pickup anytime in tne business hours at the counter when you place your order by following deadlines.

  2 days before your pickup, by 5PM 3 days before your pickup, by 5PM
Narita Airport  
Haneda Airport  
Kansai International Airport  
Itami Airport
(Osaka International Airport)
Centrair Airport
(Chubu International )
New Chitose Airport  
Fukuoka Airport  
Naha Airport