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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Rental Service


These Terms and Conditions apply to the provision of the rental service (hereinafter "Rental Service") of Wi-Fi router and its peripherals (hereinafter "Product") by Wi-Fi Rental Store (hereinafter "We", "Our" or , "Us") and the use thereof by the user (hereinafter "User") who use the Rental Service.

1. Formation of the Agreement

We provide the User with the Rental Service under these Terms and Conditions.
The agreement between the User and Us is formed and shall be effective as of the time when the User subscribes for the Product on Our website (http://en.wifi-rental-store.jp) and the payment, therefore, is completed.
When the User subscribes for the Product, the User is deemed to have read and understood these Terms and Conditions and have agreed to the contents hereof.
If the User fails to receive Our automated order confirmation email, immediate contact by the User is required.

2. Rental Period of Rental Service

The period of the Rental Service starts as of the date on which the User starts to use the Product (the scheduled delivery date of the Product) and ends on the date on which the User ceases to use the Rental Service (date of posting the Product by the User for returning the Product to Us).
The User shall confirm the possible delivery date and time on Our website, which depends on the User's delivery address.
If the User could not receive the Product by any reason on the User's part, the Rental Service shall start effectively.
The User shall confirm the rental period from the "PACKING SLIP and COMFIRMATION of the CONTRACT", which is included in the package of the Product.

3. Change of the Period of Rental Service

The period of the Rental Service may not be changed after the Product has been shipped to the User.
We shall not give the User any refund for Products returned earlier than the end date of the rental period.
If the User wishes to shorten the rental period for any reason, the User must inform of such intention to Us.

4. Cancellation of Rental Services

The User may cancel the Rental Service if the Product has not been shipped yet.
Cancellation fees will not be charged for such cases where the cancellation is made before shipment.

5. Rental Service Fees

The Rental Service fee includes data communication fees and the rental fee of the Wi-Fi router.
Round-trip shipping fee and option fees shall be charged separately.

6. Payment for Rental Services

The Rental Service fee shall be paid via credit card payment.

7. Overdue Fees

If the User returns the Product past the end of the rental period, We shall charge overdue fees.
The overdue fee shall be JPY864880 (JPY1,0801,100 in case of au Wi-Fi) inclusive of tax per day, and will be charged to the User's credit card.

8. Damage to Product

If the Product is damaged (including damage by water) by the User, We will charge the User the fee for repairing the damaged Product.
However, in case where the Insurance Service has been subscribed by the User, the repair fee will not be charged.
The Insurance Service is only valid until it is used once.
The User shall report an accident immediately.
The Insurance Service shall not be applied if the Product is deliberately damaged by the User.
For damages that was caused naturally (i.e. if the damage is not caused by the User), We shall not charge the repair fee to the User.

9. Loss of Product

If the Product is lost by the User, We will charge the User the fee of the Product.
However, in case where the Insurance Service has been subscribed by the User, part of the fee may be reduced.
The Insurance Service is only valid until it is used once.
The User shall report an accident immediately.
The Insurance Service shall not be applied when the User neglects to return the Product past the end of the rental period regardless of Our encouragement of returning the Product, and therefore We charge the lost item fees.
*Refer to Appendix 1 for a list of lost item fees

10. Rental Service Coverage Area

It is the responsibility of the User to confirm the coverage area of the Product before subscribing.
It is noted, that even within the published service area, data communication may not be available, for reasons including but not limited to, disruptions caused by buildings or communication failure of the telecommunication carrier.
We shall not be responsible for such communication unavailability, as provided under clause 16 of these Terms and Conditions.

11. Data Communication Restrictions

If the User exceeds the allocated data communication volume determined by the telecommunications carrier, a restriction is implemented.
The allocated data communication volume may be changed without notification to the User.
We do not bear any responsibility of any change during the User's rental period.
If the User uses the Product or the Rental Service in any anti-social manner or to the detriment of others, We may restrict the Rental Service without prior notice.

12. Product Delivery

We will deliver the Product to the address as indicated in the subscription form by the User.
The User shall promptly check the Product upon receiving it, and inform Us if anything is missing.
If We do not receive any notification of missing items within one day after the delivery of the Product, We deem that the Product has been delivered complete without any missing items.

13. Product Return

The User shall return the Product to Us by Japan post, by the end date of the Rental Service as written in the "PACKING SLIP and COMFIRMATION of CONTRACT".
The method of returning the Product shall be posting using Letter Pack (the prepaid envelope) that is included with the Product. If the Product has been posted before 8:00a.m. of the next day of the final day of the Rental Service, it shall be deemed that the Product has been returned within the rental period.
If the User returns the Product from outside of Japan, the User shall pay the Rental Service fee by the previous day that we receive the package. For this case, We charge the overdue fee if the User does not pay the Rental Service fee within a week after Our contact to the User.

14. Scope of Liability

(i) With regards to the Rental Service, We shall be responsible under the following circumstances:
(ii) We are liable for an accident arising out of Our intentional act or gross negligence.
(iii) We shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of the User's negligence.
(iv) Our scope of liability is limited only to proximate damages. We shall not be responsible for indirect or consequential damages.
(v) Our liability including liability for damages shall be limited to a maximum to the Rental Service fee, regardless of the cause.

15. Cancellation of Contract

We reserve the right to cancel or impose additional restrictions on such User:
(i)The User who may possibly use the Rental Service illegally.
(ii)The User who fills in the subscription form with false information.
(iii)The User who fills in the subscription form with invalid information, and We cannot confirm the valid information after passing the shipping date.
(iv)The User who fails to pay the Rental Service fee by due date.
(v)The User who causes trouble for Us or a third party.
(vi)The User who no longer has their social credibility.
(vii)The User who loses or damages the Product with their intentional act or gross negligence.
(viii)The User who is regarded by Us that We cannot provide the Rental Service. The rationale of Our judgement will not be disclosed to the User.
(ix)The User who violates any one of Our terms and conditions.

16. Defect / Failure

During the rental period, if the Product does not normally function due to any defect or failure not caused by the User, We shall promptly ship a replacement Product to the User.
If after inspection, a defect or failure was confirmed on the Product, We shall reduce the Rental Service fee on a pro rata basis.

17. Scope of Liability for Product Failure

The scope of Our liability for Product failure during the Rental Service shall be limited to those failures arising out of malfunction of the Product provided by Us. We shall not be liable for the following communication failures:
(i) failures caused by the handling and/or way of use by the User;
(ii) failures caused by the specification, operation, configuration or compatibility of any device of the User;
(iii) failures caused by the communication carrier, communication provider or application provider, for any reason;
(iv) failures or disruptions caused by surrounding influences on the Product at time of use by the User, including but not limited to geographical formation, buildings, radar, radio waves emitted by home electric appliances;
(v) failures caused by any force majeure event, including but not limited to acts of God such as typhoons or earthquakes; or
(vi) failures caused by any other reason not caused by Us.

18. Membership Registration

The User will become Our member by completing the membership registration, and after becoming a member, the User is entitled to membership privileges, including accumulating points given in a certain proportion to the Rental Service fees.

19. Withdrawal / Change of Membership

If the User desires to withdraw from or make any changes to their membership, the User shall notify such intention to Us by e-mail or by telephone.
If the User withdraws their membership, We will completely delete the User's membership information.

20. Privacy Policy

(i) We shall comply with the laws and regulations and other standards relating to the protection of personal information, and manage personal information properly.
(ii) We collect the following information from Users:
- Name
- Address
- Contact Information
(iii) We collect User information at the time of application for the service, by using the online form.
(iv) We shall use personal information acquired by us solely for and to the extent of the original purpose as indicated below, or for purpose that reasonably relates to the original purpose, and to the extent necessary for us to conduct our business.
- To provide Wi-Fi Rental services
- Statistical reporting, market survey, data analysis
In such case, only information that has been cleansed so that individuals cannot be distinguished will be used
(v) The use of the collected personal information will be limited to what is required for Us to provide Our services, and will not provide to any third party except in the following cases:
- With the User's consent
- Limited to what is necessary to share with organizations (e.g. subcontractors) who We have Non-Disclosure Agreements with
- When an User's action violates our policies, warnings, these Terms and Conditions, etc., and disclosure is considered necessary to protect the rights or property of other users, third party or Us
- When We are ordered by law to disclose personal information by the courts, government, or others, or for the investigation or prevention of crime or infringement of third parties rights, or other similar situations.
(vi) The User agrees to Our use of their personal information as stated above, and will not object.
(vii) In case if We share personal information with a third party or subcontract the handling of personal information to a third party, We shall supervise the sharing of personal information between such third party and Us, to ensure proper use of personal information.
(viii) We shall manage personal information securely and take necessary and proper information security measures to prevent loss, alteration or divulgation of personal information.

21. Competent Jurisdiction

The competent jurisdiction for any dispute arising out of or in connection with the Rental Service between User and Us shall be either of the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court.

22. Start of These Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions take effect and are implemented as of April 1, 2013.

23. Revision of Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions may be revised at any time without the User's consent.

Appendix 1

* Fee List of Lost Items

[With Insurance]

Wi-Fi router: 10,000 JPY
AC adapter: 490 JPY
USB cable: 400 JPY
Screen Protector Glass: None
Pouch: None
Back cover: None
Built-in battery: 1,650 JPY
Additional battery: 1,650 JPY
AC adapter (Additional battery): 400 JPY
USB cable (Additional battery): None
Pouch (Additional battery): None

[Without Insurance]

Wi-Fi router (Lost): 35,200 JPY
Wi-Fi router (Damaged): 35,200 JPY
Screen Protector Glass (Damaged): 1,320 JPY
AC adapter: 2,970 JPY
USB cable: 1,100 JPY
Pouch: 330 JPY
Back cover: 660 JPY
Built-in battery: 3,300 JPY
Additional battery: 3,300 JPY
AC adapter (Additional battery): 1,100 JPY
USB cable (Additional battery): 550 JPY
Pouch (Additional Battery): 330 JPY