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Our Features

Low Rates


Really cheap!
I was surprised to see devices going for more than 1,000 yen / day at the airport.
So happy for the savings!

Our rates are very reasonable, beginning from 450 yen / day, including data transfer.
We also offer economical value-packs for longer rentals

Dependable Support


I called customer services, and the kind staff guided me step-by-step on how to use it.
It was my first time renting a Wi-Fi router, but it was so convenient.
I'd definitely tell my friends about it!

Please be assured that our English-speaking staff will be here to support you on your inquires, such as how to use the Wi-Fi router, change of delivery location, or cancellation of your order.

Strong Signals


We traveled to so many places all across Japan, but we were able to connect everywhere.
I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to connect from even the remote islands of Okinawa!
(User of au KDDI Wi-Fi Router)

The service coverage area differs by the Wi-Fi router model, but our au KDDI model covers 99% of the populated areas in Japan, including the remote islands.

Ample Data


I'm a big fan of YouTube.
It's great that you guys have options for a large-volume data plan.
Once before with a different company, it was a drag hitting the limit so fast.

We offer 3 Wi-Fi routers for you to choose from. Softbank allows 50GB/month and au KDDI allows 100GB/month for heavy users.

* Details on data plans click here.



I've rented many times, but never had issues. I think you can trust this shop.
I always recommend it to my colleagues.

We are one of Japan's largest Wi-Fi rental shops.
We have served many customers -- over 800,000 rentals (as of January 2022).
We also have very high customer satisfaction, with a rating of 98.8%



I tried a different company before, and they gave me a Wi-Fi router that wasn't charged - duh!
With this company, they make sure that their devices are fully charged so that you can use it as soon as you get it.

We ensure that we fully charge the devices before we rent them out, so that you can use them as soon as you receive it. (The battery lasts for about 3-4 hours of continued use, so please re-charge as necessary)

Clean Device


The Wi-Fi router that arrived was like new! Great that it came with a cushioned carrying bag, too!

We take care in cleaning our devices before we ship them. After wiping them with a special cloth to remove any dirt, we disinfect the surface with alcohol.
There is a protective sheet on the screen to prevent scratching.
As they are rental devices, there may be small scratches. However, we don't rent any devices that are damaged.

Quick Delivery


It was an emergency, and was saved when it arrived only a day after I ordered it!
I was so grateful that I could get a hold of one so quickly!

We ship out all orders placed before 5 PM the same day, allowing for next day delivery. (Excludes airport counters, Hokkaido, Okinawa & Kyushu). You may come directly to our shop in Akihabara for immediate pickup.

Easy to Receive


I picked mine up at the Haneda Airport counter.
It's so convenient to be able to pick it up as soon as I arrived in Japan.
My flight arrived at 5 in the morning, but had no problem

We will deliver the Wi-Fi router to a location convenient for you. In addition to airport counters, we also deliver to hotels or other accommodation.

Easy to Return


It's so easy to return!
Amazing that I only needed to drop it in the postbox.
I was able to use it up to the last minute before leaving!

You just need to place everything in the return envelope and drop it in any Japan Post postbox.
Since there are postboxes at the airport, you can use the device up to the last minute!
(There are no postboxes once you pass the security check)