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Wi-Fi RENTAL Store

Specializing in Wi-Fi router rentals in Japan, we receive great feedback from our foreign customers.Our staff will provide you with the finest customer experience, making sure that your stay is more efficient.We look forward to serving you!


KS building 2F 1-5,Kandasuda-cho,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo
5min from Akihabara Sta. 5min from Kanda Sta.
9:30AM - 6:30PM (Weekdays Only)
+81-3-3525-8359 (English)

Directions from Akihabara Station

When you arrive at Akihabara Station, please exit from Electric Town Exit.

After exitting the wicket, you will see a building displaying "SEGA"on your left, then turn to the right.

There is LAOX building at the end of the street while you pass a building called atré 1 on your right.

When you reach to the LAOX building, turn to the left on the main street (Chuo Street).

Head for the intersection. The Mansei building stands over the intersection.

Cross the intersection heading for the diagonally opposite side.

Go across the Mansei bridge.

There is a gas station called Shell. Wi-Fi RENTAL Store is located 2 buildings down from the gas station.

We are on the second floor. Look for our logo on our window.

Our building is called KS Building. A liquor shop is on the 1st floor.
You can't miss it!