+81-3-3525-8359 (English)


9:30AM - 6:30PM (Weekdays Only)

5 min from Akihabara Sta.






Shop name Wi-Fi RENTAL Store
Address 〒101-0041
TokyoKS building 2F1-5 Kandasuda-cho Chiyoda-ku
TEL 03-3525-8359
E-mail info@en.wifi-rental-store.jp
Business hours 9:30AM - 6:30PM in Weekdays Only

Here's more on directions

Explanation on directions form JR Akihabara station to Wi-Fi RENTAL Store.
Plrease go out ""Electonic town gate"" after geting off a train at Akihabara station.

You can see a bulding of SEGA at your left hand after going out ticket gate.
Please turn a right at the buliging of SEGA.

You can see LAOX, Onoden, atre1 at the front.
Please go straight ahead.

Please turn left after you come to Chuo street.

You can see Mansei building at the front and walk to intersection.

Please head for diagonally opposite of intersection.

There is Mansei bridge and find maAAch after crossing the bridge.

There is gas station(shell).
Please go straight again.
Wi-Fi RENTAL Store is located at the scond bldg from the gas station.

Wi-FI RENTAL Store is on second floor of the bldg.
You can see a wind glass sign saying "WiFi RENTAL Store"

You can't miss it !