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"We put FAQ from our customer together.
If you have any question, please feel free to ask us by calling and email."

1-1 Please let me know each coverage area for Y!mobile, WiMAX and au KDDI.

1-2 I do not understand Japanese. Can I rent and use a router?
We will send you an English connection guide with a rental Wi-Fi, so that you will be able to use the Wi-Fi even though you do not understand Japanese.
We have an English speaking operator to answer your questions by phone. (English only)(weekday)
1-3 Can I use the Wi-Fi router with non-Japanese PCs or Smartphones?
The Wi-Fi standard is the same all over the world, so you can use it with devices from any country.
1-4 Does the router come with all required accessories?
Yes, an AC adapter and USB cable are sent with the Wi-Fi router.
1-5 What does a complete set of Wi-Fi equipment include?
A complete set of Wi-Fi equipment is a WiFi router, AC adapter, USB cable, and instructions.
1-6 Is the Wi-Fi router easy to use?

It is very easy to use and we will send you simple instructions with the router.

The method for using a Wi-Fi router
●Turn on the power.
Turn the router on by pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds.

●Select the Wi-Fi network settings menu on your device (computer, tablet, Smartphone, etc.).
If you are using Y!mobile, select the Wi-Fi network「GL06P・・・・」.
If you are using SoftBank, select the Wi-Fi network「303zt_・・・・」.
If you are using au KDDI, select the Wi-Fi network「HWD11・・・・」.

●Entering the password.
The password is printed on the back of the Wi-Fi router.
The password for Y!mobile is [WPA key] which is an 8-digit number 
The password for SoftBank is [Password].
The password for au KDDI is [WPA key] which is an alphanumeric character.

●The connection is complete.
If you are using Y!mobile and do not make any connection for 10 minutes, the router will automatically enter sleep mode.
In this case, hold the power button for 1 second and it will be back to normal mode.

1-7 Will my personal and credit card information be safe?
We will reset the Wi-Fi router before sending it to another customer.
Also, we use a credit card payment agency for receiving customer’s payment.
We do not manage customer credit card information nor keep the information in our server.
1-8 Is there a data limitation?
Y!mobile has a data limitation up to 10GB per a month from 1st to the end of the month.

1-9 Are WiFi routers keep comunicating when they are left on?
Is there any chance the communication volume gets too much without noticing it?
Before start using the device, confirm iCloud and automated update settings for better data tranfer controlling. If you are not familiar with the procedure, please confirm with the retailer and the customer support of your PC, smartphone or etc.

1-10 Has the Wi-Fi router already been charged when I receive it?
Yes. After we finish Wi-Fi router inspection, we charge it fully before sending it to you.

2-1 How do I calculate my rental period?
Delivery date is rental starting date.
The day you post the Wi-Fi router into mailboxes will be「the last day of your rental」.
2-2 How do I calculate the one month package?
Our one month package is calculated as 31days / 30nights.
2-3 What should I do if I want to rent the Wi-Fi longer?
Our store has 1 month, 2 month, and 3 month packages.
If you would like to rent the Wi-Fi more than 4 months, please combine and add up the above packages when ordering.
Please select [Yes.only one unit] as answer to [Would you like to use one unit continuously?].
2-4 Can I return the Wi-Fi router before my rental period ends?
It is okay to return the item any time before your rental period ends.
However, there will be no refund for early returns.
2-5 Can I extend my rental period?

Yes. Please reorder the extension days you request on our website.
The extension period starts from the next day after the last day of rental period.

※For example, if July 3rd is the last day of your rental and you request to extend your rental period until July 7th,
reorder and select 「4days/3nights package」. → We will calculate the new rental period starting July 4th .
※Warning When you make an order, please select the 『Extension』box under「shipping method」.

2-6 Can I cancel my order?
It is possible to cancel your order before shipping.
2-7 Is it possible to change my order after I have already made my order?
It is possible to change your order before shipping. Please contact us by e-mail.
3-1 Do I need to pay a data connection fee?
No you don’t. It is already included in the rental fee.
3-2 Do I have to pay any fees other than the rental fee?
In addition to the rental fee, there will be flat rate of 1080yen for round-trip postage.
3-3 I’m currently renting the Wi-Fi router, but I do not use it anymore.
Can I get a partial refund for the days I don’t use it?
Sorry, we cannot give refunds for unused days. Before you confirm your order, please make sure your rental period is correct.
※If the Wi-Fi router has a bad signal, please contact us after you receive the router.
We will respond to the issue by shortening the rental period etc.
3-4 What payment methods do you accept?
We only accept credit cards.
3-5 Can I use a foreign credit card?
Yes you can use a foreign credit card.
※Unfortunately, we do not accept debit cards and Union Pay. We accept are JCB, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners Club credit cards.
3-6 Can you issue a printed receipt?
Please leave a message on remarks column when you fill in order form.
4-1 Does the shipping fee include both delivery and return postage?
The shipping fee includes both delivery and return postage.
You do not need to pay extra for returning the Wi-Fi router.
4-2 Can I choose a time frame to receive the Wi-Fi router?
before noon
12pm to 2pm
2pm to 4pm
4pm to 6pm
6pm to 8pm
8pm to 9pm You can choose from the above delivery times.
4-3 I would like to receive the Wi-Fi router quickly, is that possible?
If ordered before 4pm the router will be shipped on the same day. The earliest possible delivery time is the following day.
4-4 Can I rent multiple Wi-Fi routers? What is the maximum rental number?
Yes. You can rent more than one Wi-Fi router. Please order as many as you need.
We do not set any limitation for rental quantities; however, we may decline some orders due to our inventory status. If you are renting more than 2 Wi-Fi routers starting from different rental period or sending to different places, please order separately.
The shipping fee will be added to each order.
4-5 Is it possible to ship to a hotel?
Yes, we can ship the Wi-Fi router to your hotel. Please enter your hotel address in the 「shipping address」 field, and your name in the 「recipient’s name」 field when you make an order.
Please note that hotel staff checks the name written on a percel if the name is on the hotel guest list.
4-6 Can you ship the Wi-Fi router to my friend’s house?
Yes. Please enter your friend’s address in the 「shipping address」 field and your friend’s name in the 「recipient’s name」
field when you make an order.
4-7 Can I receive the WiFi router at airports?
It is possible to deliver the WiFi routers to airport post offices
If you order in advance, we will deliver the WiFi routers to airport post offices.
Please see the further detail here.
4-8 When I return the Wi-Fi router, can I use any mailbox?
Yes, you can use any mailbox in Japan.
4-9 Is it okay to return on Sunday?
No problem at all. Please post the Wi-Fi router in a mailbox.
4-10 Are there mailboxes at airports?
Each airport has a mailbox which you can use to return the Wi-Fi router.
※There are no mailboxes after passing through the airport security gates..
Thus, please post the Wi-Fi router in a mailbox BEFORE you go through the departure gate.
4-11 Will I receive a confirmation email that you have received the Wi-Fi router?
Yes,we will send email for receipt of return within a week after confirmation.
5-1 I cannot get a Wi-Fi signal. Is the router broken?
It may be in sleep mode.
In that case, hold the power button for 1 second then it should go back to normal operating mode.
5-2 I have not received an e-mail from the Wi-Fi rental store.
The e-mail you registered may not be correct. Please contact us by e-mail.
5-3 I broke the Wi-Fi router. What should I do?
If the router is broken, we will charge you the repair price of the Wi-Fi router If the Wi-Fi terminal is beyond repair, we will charge the full price of the Wi-Fi router: (Wi-Fi router: \34,560).
If you are enrolling in 『insurance/repair services』, we will waive all of the repair costs.
Please contact us for a replacement of Wi-Fi router if the Wi-Fi router breaks through normal usage.
5-4 I lost the Wi-Fi router. What should I do?
If the router is lost by the customer, we will charge the full price of the Wi-Fi router
(Wi-Fi router: \34,560, AC adapter: \2,916, USB cable:\1,080).
If you are enrolling in『insurance/repair services』, Some part of the price shall be deducted.
6-1 Is Wi-FI RENTAL Store open on weekends?
Our store is closed on weekends.(we ship an order which is placed in advance).
Japanease website( be used to expedite proceedings.
6-2 Can I order at Wi-Fi RENTAL Store directly?
It's possible to order at Wi-Fi RENTAL Store as well.
Please note that only credit card is accepted.
If you order from our website in advance, it's possible to receive upon your arrival.
6-3 Can I pick up at Wi-Fi RENTAL Store on weekends?
Yes, you can, but there is japanese speaker only, then we respond in Japanese to you.
6-4 Does it cost delivery fee when I pick up at Wi-Fi RENTAL Store?
It costs 540 yen as return delivery fee.
If you return a set of rental item with return envelope at Wi-Fi router directly, 540 yen is refunded by cash.
6-5 What can I do if I want to change the contents of order?
Please let us know the contents of order and order number by email becasue we want to make sure to process change of order surely.
6-6 Is there any precaution when I pick up at airport?
It's possible to pick up by showing a passport.
※In the case the name of recipient is different from one of passport, you can not pick up.
Please enter the exact same name described on passport in receipient space.