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Terms and Conditions of Rental Service

These Terms and Conditions apply to the provision of the rental service (hereinafter "Rental Service") of auWiFi router (hereinafter "Product") by Wi-Fi Rental Store (hereinafter "we", "our" or , "us") and the use thereof by the user (hereinafter "User") who use Rental Service.

1. Conclusion of the Agreement

We provide User with Rental Service under these Terms and Conditions.
The agreement between User and us is concluded and shall be effective as of the time when User subscribes for Product on our website ( and the payment, therefore, is completed.
When User subscribes for Product, User is deemed to have read and understood these Terms and Conditions and have agreed to the contents hereof.
If User fail to receive our aultomated confirmation email, immediate contact is required.

2. Rental Period of Rental Service

The period of Rental Service starts as of the date on which User starts to use Product (the scheduled delivery date of Product) and ends on the date on which User cease to use Rental Service (date of posting Product by User for returning Product to us).
If User could not receive Product by any reason on User's part, Rental Service shall start effectively.
User shall confirm the rental period from the "PACKING SLIP and COMFIRMATION of CONTRACT DETAIL", which is included in the package of Product.

3. Change of the Period of Rental Service

The period of Rental Service may not be changed after Product has been shipped to User.
We shall not give User with any refund for Products returned earlier than the ending date of the rental period.
If for User's specific reason User desires to shorten the period of rental, User shall inform such intention to us.

4. Cancellation of Rental Service

User may cancel Rental Service if Product has not been shipped yet.
Cancellation fee will not be charged for such cancellation before shipment.

5. Rental Service Fee

The Rental Service fee includes the communication fee and the rental fee of the WiFi router.
Reciprocal shipping fee and option fee shall be charged separately.

6. Payment for Rental Service

The Rental Service fee shall be made via credit card payment.
If User is a legal entity, payment by invoice is available, provided, subject to our examination.

7. Overdue Fee

If User returns Product after passing the rental period, we shall charge the overdue fee.
The overdue fee shall be JPY864 (auWiFi costs JPY1080)(including tax) per day, and will be charged to User's credit card.

8. Damage of Product

If Product is damaged (including damage by water) by User, we shall charge User the fee for repairing such damaged Product.
Provided, however, where the Safety Assurance Service has been subscribed by User, we shall not charge the repairing fee.
For damages that was caused naturally (i.e. if the damage is not attributable to User), we shall not charge the repairing fee to User.

9. Loss of Product

If Product is lost by User, we will charge User the fee for Product (fee for the WiFi router main body).
Provided, however, where the Safety Assurance Service has been subscribed by User, some part of fee shall be reduced.

10. Service Area of Rental Service

User shall at its own responsibility confirm the service area of Product before subscribing.
It is noted, that even within the service area, communication may not be available, including without limitation, due to influence by buildings or communication failure on account of the telecommunication carrier.
We shall not be responsible for such unavailability of communication, as provided under the clause 15 of these Terms and Conditions.

11. Limitation on Rental Service

If User exceeds its communication volume which telecommunications carriers determine, the limitation is implemented.
The communication volume can be changed without any notification.
We do not bear any responsibility to the change during User's rental period.
If User uses Product or Rental Service in any anti-social manner or to the detriment of others, we may limit Rental Service without giving prior notice.

12. Delivery of Product

We will deliver Product to the address as described in the subscription form by User by mail.
User shall promptly check Product after receiving it, and if anything was missing, User shall inform us of it.
If we do not receive such information of missing item within three (3) days after the delivery of Product, we deem that Product has been delivered without any missing item.

13. Return of Product

User shall return Product to us by post, by the ending date of Rental Service as described in "PACKING SLIP and COMFIRMATION of CONTRACT DETAIL".
The method of returning Product shall be posting using Letter Pack. If Product has been posted before 8:00a.m. of the next day of the ending day of Rental Service, it shall be deemed that Product has been returned within the rental period.

14. Scope of Liability

Regarding Rental Service, our liability including liability for damages shall be limited at a maximum to the Rental Service fee, regardless of the cause.

15. Defect, Failure

During the rental period, if Product does not normally function due to any defect or failure not attributable to User, we shall promptly ship a substitutional Product to User.
If after inspection any defect or failure was confirmed on such Product, we shall reduce the Rental Service fee on a pro rata basis.

16. The Realm of Indemnity Liability

In spite of reason, the maximum amount of compensation is the price of rental service.

17. Scope of Liability for Product Failure

The scope of our liability for failures of Product rent under Rental Service shall be limited to those failures arising out of malfunction of Product provided by us. We shall not be liable for the following communication failures:
(i) failures arising out of the handling and/or way of use by User;
(ii) failures arising out of the specification, operation, setting or compatibility of any device held by User;
(iii) failures arising out of any reason on the side of communication carrier, communication provider or application provider;
(iv) failures arising out of any influence exerted on Product at the time of use of Product by User, for example, ambient geographical formation, obstruction like buildings or radar, or radio wave interference caused by home electric appliances;
(v) failures arising out of any force majeure event, such as natural disaster; or
(vi) failures arising out of any other reason not attributable to us.

18. Membership Registration

User will become a member of us by completing membership registration, and after becoming a member, User is entitled to the membership privileges, including accumulating points given in certain proportion to the Rental Service fee.

19. Protection of Membership Information

We shall not disclose any membership information of our members to any third party without obtaining the interested member's prior consent.

20. Withdrawal/Change of Membership

If User desires to withdraw from or make any change to the membership, User shall notify such intention to us by e-mail or by telephone.
If User withdraws from the membership, we will completely delete such User's membership information.

21. Privacy Policy

(i) We shall comply with the laws and regulations and other standards relating to the protection of personal information, and treat the personal information properly.
(ii) We shall use personal information acquired by us solely for and to the extent of the original purpose which we stated at the time of acquisition or for purpose that reasonably relates to the original purpose, and to the extent necessary for us to conduct our business.
In case if we share personal information with a third party or subcontract the handling of personal information to a third party, we shall supervise such third party sharing personal information with us and such subcontractor, to ensure proper use of personal information.
(iii) We shall manage personal information safely and take necessary and proper information security measure to prevent loss, alteration or divulgation of personal information.

22. Competent Jurisdiction

The competent jurisdiction for any dispute arising out of or in connection with Rental Service between User and us shall be either of Tokyo Summary Court or Tokyo District Court.

23. Start of These Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions take effect and are implemented as of April 1, 2013.

24. Revision of These Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are revised at any time without meeting User's consent.