OPEN9:30 〜 18:30 (Week day only)

TEL +81-3-3525-8359 (English)

ACCESS5 mins from Akihabara Sta.



What's WiFi RENTAL

Rental Price

Rental System

Pickup at airport


Rental for first time


Delivery service

Quick delivery

Delivery by tomorrow at earliest

Ordering by 5 pm is shipped on the day

It's possible to deliver tomorrow at earliest. ※ excepting Hokkaido, Okinawa and Kyushu

Wi-Fi RENTAL Store delivers to location throughout nation.
Please refer to the below about arrival date and time.

We deliver quickly to the person in a hurry.

In the case you specified delivery time slot which item fails to arrive,
we will change delivery item slot
to earliest available delivery item slot by e-mail .

For person in hurry even more

Super quick delivery

Item can be delivered by 10am with additional 540 yen.

※There are some cases which we can't accept depending on delivery location.

Pick up at Wi-Fi RENTAL Store

In the case you come to our store(5 mins on foot from Akihabara Station),
It's possible to pick up soon.

The [Wi-Fi RENTAL Store] paint on the window is the landmark.
Please visit us after ordering online in advance.

・Please select the [Delivery method] to [Pick up at our store].

Pick up Airport

You can pick up Wi-Fi router at each post office and delivery counter at airport.

A pre-order is required to pick up.
Please place an order at least 2 days before your estimated date.
Please refer to here regarding pickup location and method.

The delivery service on the day you order

Only in weekdays, and only in 23 wards of Tokyo

Within 23 wards of Tokyo, the delivery on the day you order is possible by below methods. (Weekdays only)

Due to order system, it is impossible to choose the day you order.
If you wish to have one on the day, please contact us by phone call.

In the case of delivery to a hotel in Tokyo, it's possible to deliver on the day.
If you are in hurry, please contact to us by telephone.

●The delivery on the day you order by Yu pack (ゆうパック) delivery service.

Delivery to only part of 23 wards(Weekdays only)
*Need phone call after order.

(The commission fee 540 yen will be charged in addition to delivery fee.)

"In the case of order and calling by 11 am, it's possible to deliver to some part of 23 wards on the day "
and you will be asked the phone call after ordering.
Although it depends on the place, the delivery time is between 16:00 to 21:00.

Today's deliverable area :

●The delivery on the day you order by bicycle delivery service.

Only in weekdays, and only in 23 wards of Tokyo
*Need phone call after order.

The comission





Please contact us on the phone after ordering.
It takes 4 to 7 hours to deliver and you can receive on the day you order.

●The delivery on the day you order by motor bike delivery service.

The delivery fee by motorbike will be asked when delivery.

If you need it in hurry, we can ask to delivery service by motor bike.
Please ask for the further details by phone call.