OPEN9:30 〜 18:30 (Week day only)

TEL +81-3-3525-8359 (English)

ACCESS5 mins from Akihabara Sta.



What's WiFi RENTAL

Rental Price

Rental System

Pickup at airport


Rental for first time


Rental System

We explain about our rental system. Our rental system is very easy : from pickup to return.

Rental days are calculated by such: from [Delivery date] to [Posting date].
Delivery place could be selected from a hotel you stay, friend's house and airports.
It's possible to pick up at our store at Akihabara in Tokyo as well.
As for returning, It's just posting it!

You can order anytime
24hours a day.

Thank you for using the
Wi-Fi Rental Store!

“Rental starting date” is “delivery date.”
Advance reservations are available.
Rental starting date can be selected when order.

Post it by using Letter Pack upon your return.
※ A return envelope is enclosed with rental items
(No need to purchase)


・ It’s easy to return rental items. Just posting it!
It’s OK to return at airports, there are post boxes at airports.
・ For orders by 5 p.m. on weekdays, we can ship on the day.


We will deliver to the location of your choice!
Hotels, a friend's house, or airport post offices.

※Please reter to ”the method of pick-up at airports”
 when you pick up at airport post office.

The flow from ordering to return


Please order from our website.


Please click 【Order Now】 on our web site.


Please select the rental item (Y!mobile 、 SoftBank 、 au) and rental period.


Please select option and pick-up method.
Next, please enter customer information.


We inform you by e-mail after completion of
application. And, we inform you of tracking number of parcel by e-mail after shipping.


When you select airport post office as pick up place, please pick-up at each airport post office.
It’s smooth that you say about “Pick up parcel from Wi-Fi RENTAL Store”.
You need to show your PASSPORT(ID).


Rental items arrive at Hotel reception.
Please pick up at reception.


Rental item is delivered by “Yu-Pack”.
Postal worker delivers to specified address.

● Full set of rental item
● A return envelop (letter pack)
●Packing slip

A full set of rental items for  Y!mobile

●Wi-Fi router main unit (GL06P)
●An AC adapter
●An USB cord
●Setup manual
●Zipperd bag

A full set of rental items for  SoftBank

●Wi-Fi router main unit (303ZT)
●An AC adapter
●An USB cord
●Setup guidance
●Zipperd bag

A full set of rental items for  au

●Wi-Fi router main unit (HWD11)
●An AC adapter
●An USB cord
●Setup guidance
●Zipperd bag

Please turn on Wi-Fi router and connect it
to your device (PC,Smart phone) for starting to use.

As for connection it’s easy.
Just turn on Wi-Fi router, and then select signal (SSID)
from the device and enter password.

We enclose our original set up guidance.

First time users can
connect easily as well.

At the end of the rental period,
mail the router using the Letter Pack envelope.

・ Mail the router from any post box in Japan.
  Mail from any airport post box as well.

・ The recipient address is already printed on the envelope.


Put the router in the
included envelope


Mail it from any post box
in Japan!

Returning your router is as easy as putting it
in the enclosed envelope. Dropping it in post boxes.

About posting deadline

Posting deadline is at 8 am on the next day of rental ending day.

For the those who return from Airport

Please return by using letter pack at each airport post box
or post office window.

Please note that there is no post box after passing through departure gate.

Rental comes to an end at the time of posting.

We send return confirmation e-mail
within a week after letter pack arrives at our office.