OPEN9:30 〜 18:30 (Week day only)

TEL +81-3-3525-8359 (English)

ACCESS5 mins from Akihabara Sta.



What's WiFi RENTAL

Rental Price

Rental System

Pickup at airport


Rental for first time


Wi-Fi RENTAL Store’s Features

The REASON why Wi-Fi RENTAL Store is selected.

Through customer first policy,
We aim for the No.1 satisfaction level.

Customer Satisfaction level



Our store is selected by a lot of tourists, foreign students and business people.

※ Counting from our store(Japanese site) questionnaire.

Great experience.
Recommendable to friends.

Why ? The reason is...

Very convenient to return!

It was very convenient to send back from airports.
Just dropping it into post boxs at airports.

It was helpful that return method was very easy!

It’s very easy to return rental items.
It’s OK to drop the envelope into post boxes.
We send a return envelope(Letter pack) enclosed with rental items.
Our address is already written on the return envelope
before shipping from our store.

The price is low!!

The rental price is shown clearly!

The most amazing thing is that the rental price
was 60% cheaper than it was in my country.

Our price is the lowest as compared to other companies.
Our rental fee is ¥450/day. It’s the industry’s lowest price.
There is neither any commission fee nor cancellation fee.

Kind and polite support

It was very helpful that the staff advised me kindly
when I didn’t understand how to use.

I was relieved to receive a reply
when I inquired by e-mail.

We’ll support your inquiry by phone call and by e-mail.
We send manual instruction for first -time use with rental items.

Pick-up method is smooth

It was very convenient to be able to use Wi-Fi
so soon.

It was good to know that I can pick up at hotel.

We deliver rental items to the designated place.
We deliver to airport post offices, hotels, friend’s house and so on.