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What's WiFi RENTAL

Rental Price

Rental System

Pickup at airport


Rental for first time


For First-time user

Nothing to worry about for first time user!
Count on me!
I’ll explain clearly about method of order
and return and so on.

What is possible if you rent Wi-Fi router ?

You can connect your PC or smartphone to the internet in Japan!

Wi-Fi router can be used in the coverage areas throughout the nation.
※Please check the coverage areas.
 There are NOT covered areas.
 We ask you to check in advance and order with your consent.

Foreign PC and smartphone is also suitable.
※To connect wirelessly, Wi-Fi function should be equipped to your PC or Smartphone.
 You can connect with an USB cable to your PC if it is not designated for
 wireless connection.

Please let me know rental price

¥450 〜/day

Communication fee is included in rental fee.
It costs ¥1,080 (540 yen/one way)
for going and returning delivery fee,in addition.

How to order

You can order from our Website.

The order will be placed from our website only.
Please click the [Order Now] button from the top of our homepage.

Please go to next page
by clicking the button

Please choose “rental router model”
and “rental period”.

Please click desired model
and preriod.

We deal with 3 major Wi-Fi router companies in Japan
Please refer to here about the differences between 3 rental models.

Please put rental item in shopping cart.

Please choose
“Sign up” or “Not sign up”
regarding insurance.

Please click “Add to cart”.

If you sign up with “insurance/repair service” please choose “Sign up (¥540)”.
Then you don’t need to compensate at all when you break or drop it into water.
※Please note that we ask 80% of the price when lost.

Please select “pick-up method”.

In the case of pick-up at airport post office.

Please checkmark “Post office inside the airport”.
And select “Airpot name” on next page.
It costs ¥540 for airport handling fee in addition.

In the case of pick-up at hotel or friend’s house.

Please checkmark “Hotel, Friend’s house and so on”.
And, enter delivery address on the next page.

In the case of pick-up at our store.

Please checkmark “Pick-up our store”.
※Please note that our bussiness hour is weekday only.
Our store is a 5minute walk from Akihabara Station.

No menbership/Enroll as member/Login

Go through purchase procedure
without membership registration

Enroll as member
In the case first-time user enrolls as a member,
data entry of customer information can be omitted
after next time.
Besides, 5% points of rental spending can be saved up.
The points can be used next time or extension.

Customers who have already enrolled as our member
Please login by mail address and password entered at the time of enrollment.

Please enter your information.

Please note that all fields
followed by mark of “※” must be
filled in.
Complete the form and please
click the “Next” button at the bottom.

※In the case of pick-up at hotel,
  Please enter hotel name and reserved name necessarily.
※The recipient name has to be the same with the reservation name at hotel.

Enter your credit card information.

Payment is accepted by creditcard only.
We accept Visa, Master Card, JCB Card, American Express and Diners Club
contracted in overseas
(Debit card and Union pay card are not available.)

Order complete.
Thank you for choosing our store.

An automated e-mail message is sent shortly after your order is completed.
If you don’t receive comfirmation e-mail with in 30 minutes,
Please contact us by calling or mailing.

After shipping the rental item,
Tracking number of delivery is sent by e-mail.
Rental item are shipped on the day or two days before delivery date in advance.

Beginning of RENTAL to return.

Receipt of rental items.

● In the case of Pick-up Airport post office.

Please show your passport when you claim to pick up at the airport post office.
We will arrange your order in addvance and deliver one day earlier if you order
in advance.

● In the case of Pick-up friend’s house or hotel.

Postal worker delivers rental items.
If you select hotels as a delivery place, please claim at the front desk with your ID.

● In the case of Pick-up our store.

Please visit us after order online.

Biginning of RENTAL

You can use Wi-Fi router upon arrival.

① Please hold power button for 10 seconds.
  Power of the WiFi router is turned on.

② Your device (PC or Smartphone) gets signal.
  Signal will be listed up automatically.

③ Enter the password
  ※Password is discribed on the back of router
   (Consult the image shown right)

Battery is full charge in advance.
Wi-Fi set up mannual is enclosed


Return is very easy !
Posting into any postbox is OK.

Deadline for posting is at 8 am next morning
of the last day.(You can use whole day of the
last day)

We send a return envelop (letter pack) with
rental items.

There is possibility not be able to post
if post box is small.
You can return at any post office or Loson(convinience store)


We inform you after your return is confirmed.
We inform you the case of an overdue or the missing items.
Please handle with care!

Thank you for using our service.