OPEN9:30 〜 18:30 (Week day only)

TEL +81-3-3525-8359 (English)

ACCESS5 mins from Akihabara Sta.



What's WiFi RENTAL

Rental Price

Rental System

Pickup at airport


Rental for first time


To the customers who
extend the rental period

*The rental price for extention is same price as the regular rental fee.

To extend the rental period,
please place an order from following order screen.

・The extension order must be placed by the rental ending date.
・The current Wi-Fi router can be used continuously by placing an extension order.
*If the order is placed after due date, the late fee is requested: 864 yen per a day (incl. tax).
*For au KDDI routers, the late fee is 1,080 yen per a day.

※Precautions for ordering extension

・Enter the terminal number of current Wi-Fi rotuer on remarks column at the order input screen.
・At order input screen, please select the delivery date one day after your rental ending date.

Please place an order by selecting the duration

A data limitation was imposed by the carrier so usage data was changed from [ No limitation ] to [100GB/month] in December 2016.