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What is Wi-Fi RENTAL ?

You can use the Internet right after renting Wi-Fi router by connecting it with your smartphone or PC.
Free Wi-Fi spots are limited in Japan, to say the least.
The global roaming requires way more expensive communication fee comparing to us.

The Internet is available
easily, conveniently and inexpensively
in Japan by rental of Wi-Fi routers.

Things you can do by renting Wi-Fi routers

Search on a Google and YAHOO!

It's convenient to search the informations about nice restaurants, hotels and the weather in sightseeing areas.

Use of social network such as Facebook and Twitter

Wi-Fi routers enable to access to the Internet all over Japan and to upload a tweet and some pics during a vacation.

Use of map app

You can use map app such as Google Map. You feel safe if you are lost as you can check present location and destination.

Video viewing

You can view video such as YouTube. Some of our Wi-Fi routers are unlimited communication volume. You can view video during off-hours

Use of the Internet phone-calling

You can use telephone such as Skype on the Internet.

What is reason why our store is selected by a lot of costumers?

Wi-Fi RENTAL Store has a good track record of rentals over 0.2 millions.
We are customer creed and offer an easy and convenient Wi-Fi rental service. You can pick up a Wi-Fi router at hotel accommodations you stay or airport post offices by placing web order. When you return, what you do is post into post boxes only. It's easy to return because it's possible to post throughout Japan. (Our Wi-Fi store is located in Tokyo Akihabara. It's possible to pick up directly at our store.

We provide the latest Wi-Fi routers and rent it after checking operation adequately. Rest assured that we support you by email or calling when you have any problem.

The reason why our store is selected is a great deal of practical accomplishment and kindness, polite support and easy rental system.

Our Wi-Fi routers

Communication speed

All of our Wi-Fi routers are 4G/LTE capable. It's possible to use a fast Internet communication with less stress.


Wi-Fi router is pocketable and convenient to carry around.

Connectable unit

One Wi-Fi router can connect with up to 10 units. You can share it with your friends.
※The riser number of connections, the slower communication speed gets due to the same one line is shared and used.

Comparison among SIM cards, roaming and free Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi router is not the only way to use the Internet in Japan.
Please see a comparison table among a purchase of SIM cards, global roaming and free Wi-Fi spot.

Each way has advantages and disadvantages.

SIM card

The type which has telephone function is convenient when you want to make a phone call in Japan. A data communication is most likely to have a restriction of communication volume. And there is a disadvantage it's a difficulty of purchase method and initial setting.


Global roaming is the service which the Internet is available in Japan as a contract with overseas carriers. Communication fee may become an extremely expensive. It's very convenient without an effort though.

Free Wi-Fi spot

It's a competitive advantage to use for free. It's a disadvantage that you need to look for free Wi-Fi spot and takes a lot of effort. There are concerns about security.

RENTAL Wi-Fi router

You can use the Internet in Japan at a reasonable and fixed rate. It's possible to share with your friends as it's connectable up to 10 units. It's disadvantage that you need to carry around at all times.

※1 It differs depending on a contract plan.
※2 You can use Internet telephone like a Skype.

Visitors to Japan

A lot of travelers to Japan rent Wi-Fi routers. The reason why there is a low free Wi-Fi spot in Japan. There is a low Free Wi-Fi spot in Japan and communication speed slows and it's not easy to connect. Therefore, a lot of travelers rent Wi-Fi routers and use the Internet.

Wi-Fi router enables use of Internet all over Japan.Internet is available soon. It's easy to rent Wi-Fi rotuer and not complicate to use it. Rental of Wi-Fi router enables use of internet with comfort. Wi-Fi router is must-have item on a trip to Japan