Japan Wi-Fi Rental service

OPEN9:30 〜 18:30 (Week day only)

TEL +81-3-3525-8359 (English)


MAP5 mins from Akihabara Sta.


【15days/14nights〜1month RENTAL】au KDDI HWD11

【Rental model】
au KDDI HWD11 (LTE-compliant)
【Communication speed】
Download maximum speed 75Mbps/ Upload maximum speed 25Mbps (theoretical figure)
【Coverage area】available in a broad area of Japan Available coverage area
Real operating time : 5 - 6 hours
【Communication volume】100GB/month
A usage data was changed in December 2016.

ポイント: 487~552 Pt


Insurance covers a malfunction for customer's fault, water leak and so on. The content of insurance is as below.

Obligation fees for customers without insurance Obligation fees for customers with insurance
Malfunction, water leak Wi-Fi main unit Repair charge
(up to 34,560 yen)
AC adapter Repair charge
(up to 2,916 yen)
USB cord Repair charge
(up to 1,080 yen)
Loss Wi-Fi main unit 34,560yen 10,000yen
AC adapter 2,916yen 490yen
USB cord 1,080yen 400yen

Insurance is acceptable option when you order, you can not sign up with insurance after rental starts.In the case of extension on rental period, the content of insurance is continued.

※In the case of spontaneous failure, we send an alternative router regardless of whether with or without insurance.


Additional battery rental is service for renting 10,000mAh mobile battery. It's for the person who use away from home for the prolinged time.

Our Wi-Fi router has a battery built-in originally and can be used for 3 - 4 continuous hours without an additional battery.And it can be used with recharging the battery.

Rental pricce : 50 yen per a day
1-month rental 750 yen

Price(tax incl):
  • Insurance / repair service:
  • Additional battery rental:

*It's imperative that option is selected
Insurance / repair service:

※ Please select either one